About Us

Hello, thanks for visiting buy Barry - our online shop and gallery, selling an eclectic range of concept-led art and design prints and products.

Buy Barry is a creative outlet for Barry Tranter, a place to showcase his personal work. You could call it an antidote to years of creating brands and communications for clients. It's a showcase for his own personal work and a place to collaborate with a collective of other artists, illustrators, designers and friends. 

The long term intention is not only to share this creative work, making it available to buy through the shop, but also to create a high quality resource of creators who can be contacted through the site for creative commissions.



About Barry

Barry now heads up his own branding agency called bBelief, having previously worked his way up in the design industry to Creative Director and Strategy Director through a selection of some of the best London and Manchester brand and design studios.

He's worked with a broad range of businesses across a huge range of sectors, from established FSTE 100 companies to tiny start up entrepreneurs, from global charities to property developers. Transforming and changing businesses and organisations through the power of branding and communication is his passion.

Barry lives in South East London with his young son. If you would like to know more about Barry, email through the contact page, check out www.bbelief.co.uk or take a look at his Linkedin profile and contact him from there.

Thanks again for visiting.